What is the purpose & intention of this blog?

I am interested in having a dialogue with you, conversation with those who are enticed to read it or feel inspired to share a picture, poem, video, or concept.  I welcome your feedback, your experiences from using the yoga lessons and dietary ideas.  I am interested in your relationship to wildness and nature, for this blog to be an experiential sharing space.

 I have recently been studying Wild Therapy, Nick Totton’s book.  He says “It is true that ‘individual’ and ‘culture’ are mutually dependant & co-arising.  A human individual can only organise herself authentically and spontaneously in and through culture, while at the same time there can be no culture without the individuals who carry and express it”.  These writings are helping me to consolidate learning, exploring who I am and how to express my culture.

It is interesting reading for study, relating everything to personal experience.  I feel that from life experience I have an authentic space from which to relate to a subject.   Learning at school was categorised and I did not feel a relationship to many subjects I read about.  This is a new relationship to learning for me.

I am currently reading Jay Griffiths ‘Wild’ and Nick Totton’s ‘Wild Therapy’.  They research terms I have a tangible interest in, such as, ‘wild’, ‘wilderness’, ‘civilisation’, ‘nature’.  It is so wonderful to connect with psychology and to be in relationship with other writers.  It takes time to understand the way they are thinking and what they are saying.  I aim to share subjects from my personal perspective, so that you can relate with me and be inspired to share from your own life experiences.

Something as human beings I feel we all share relationship to is an innate sense of survival, so we begin here.

For each of these blogs I intend to consider a core subject to web out from.

What better place to begin than Earth element, researching our sense of ‘Survival in times of change’. This subject, our survival, being the core from which we weave.   


This stunning sketch by Nicola King captures the magic of nature of which we are part.  See more of her creations at www.facebook.com/henna00heaven