Silken messenger between worlds

As the wind outside enters my hearing
I become immediately aware of my breath
Heightened definition of leaves pictured
On my pillow case

The wooden head board against the textured wall
Each breath enriching senses
Wind drawing me into intimate connection

I am here with you
Loud and clear
I hear you

Dance through my veins
Pour through my pores
Shine through my tears
I am yours to ride into the sweet night

Oh love

Keep talking
Another spell binding leap of faith to dance
Don’t hesitate over my words and dreams
Tide them into open seas
Of glittering gold

Sun light skimming over
Bed of reality as mist
Curling sea, twirling, rolling
Enveloping sky & earth
Sealing sun and moon
Heaven, earth,
A kiss on a letter to the stars

You are this caress
Wind pressed letters stream
Into love
Licking laps to seal this letter

Sea hosting ships
Of marvel through life

I am a ship and I sail for you
Sail your words between hazy worlds
I call them out

Singing for all to know your love
To feel you here and now
Touching tenderly
Lips hugging wind, words

Solo sounds melt
Into pages of reality
Soaking between souls
Cultures brought to hold one another
In song
Your song


Moving between worlds