Why men’s yoga?

Good question! It is curious to note that the original practitioners of yoga in India, and the teachers who bought yoga to the west were almost all male, yet it is women in the main who have embraced yoga in the west, and it is thanks to them that yoga has become part of the western cultural and spiritual fabric.

We know how beneficial yoga is for body and mind, and started these classes in part as a way to encourage more men to practise yoga.   We also wanted to find out what men wanted and needed from a yoga practise, and to work with them to develop a practise that is tailored for them.

There are differences between men and women, both physically and mentally (of course, there are many similarities too), yoga with its emphasis on harmonising the masculine and feminine principles recognises these differences, and the strength that arises when these polarities are working together in harmony internally and externally.

Felix is teaching men’s yoga classes in Cadiar every Friday at 5:30pm to 7:00pm.  Classes are designed with the intention of giving the practitioner all the tools they need to develop their own individual practise and make yoga a part of their day to day to life.  Visit the Classes page here on our website for information on venue, email and phone number to contact.


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