Weekly Yoga Classes

Our weekly yoga classes are in Cadiar, Las Alpujarras, Spain.

Tuesday Mornings Mixed Ability : 10.30am to 12noon weekly

Friday Afternoons Kid’s Class: 4pm-5pm

Friday Evenings Men’s Class: 5.30pm-7pm

Classes are currently spoken in English but people of many different nationalities and ages attend, the spirit of yoga is a unity beyond words.



New courses are booked in 5 week blocks: 30€ per person
Drop in classes are 10€
Kids classes are 5€

For Drop in classes, please call 651486308

Monthly Yin Yoga Relaxation with Massage

This is a gentle Yin Yoga class where postures are supported with bolsters and props so that you can relax deeply, hands on massage with adjustments are given to help you to surrender into each posture with focused attention.  A softening, soothing and therapeutic journey.

* Monthly evening class 4pm to 6pm : Next class in September
please book on 651486308 or by email *

Yoga one to one tuition :  Focus and inspire your yoga journey with personal tuition, hands on adjustments and props can be used to help find your alignment and more freedom in body, mind and soul.  A therapeutic and holistic approach to yoga with compassionate teaching to meet your needs, working together to empower you to take healing into your own hands.

Aromatherapy Acupressure massage : a deep remedial massage using prescriptive aromatherapy blending, essential oils are chosen to meet you in the moment.  Body brushing can be used to stimulate the skin, assisting the absorbtion of oils.
A full 1 hour body massage focusing on areas that need most, or 30 minute massage for general health maintenance.

Clothed Meridian massage :  This intuitive massage is inspired by Shiatsu and Thai massage, bringing together many forms of massage into a personalised approach.  A clothed body massage with a focus to harmonise the body and mind.
Where movement meets stillness.

Prices :holistic-massage-7466
30 minutes – 30€
1 hour – 50€
1 hour 30 minutes – 70€

The first treatment includes a thorough consultation to ensure we find the approach for you.  Each individual is unique and so requires a unique message.



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