About us

About us

Inner Smile Nurture was founded in August 2000 by Maya Gayle.  Today we continue to offer Yoga Classes, Retreats and Holistic Massage rooted in the five elements.

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Maya has an empathic and intuitive approach to teaching with over 18 years experience in holistic therapies and massage. Originally teaching children’s yoga, she now enjoys offering Elemental Yoga to all ages.

Maya brings a compassionate sense of nurture, through yoga classes, seasonal workshops, massage therapy trainings, and partner yoga. Her creative ‘Message in a Bottle’ aromatherapy blends allow you to connect to yoga in daily life with a drop of natures wisdom.

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Felix has been exploring and enjoying yoga, meditation and martial arts since his childhood, influenced by his father Nomad, who was a lifelong yoga practitioner.  Learning from different teachers and practises along the way, including Karate, Muay Thai, Shaolin Kung Fu, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Tantra and NLP.

He qualified as a yoga teacher with Swara Yoga School in 2013, he is also a qualified Karate instructor and NLP Coach. He has an intuitive and compassionate approach,bringing a poetic rhythm and vibrant light to teaching.  He has recently completed training with Cosmic Kids Yoga and is currently studying online with Sadie Nardini’s Evolution Yoga Training.

Together we grow and offer Shiva Shakti to teaching. We acknowledge everyone both as a student and a teacher, welcoming you to unfold into a deep listening to self and nature.

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