A collection of Images and poetry that inspires my Yoga Journey

A favorite poem for celebrating Earth Element :

A Love Song to My Body

My body is a poem
Of soft, enfolding beauty
A warm, embracing homecoming.
My body sings songs of Mother Earth
Of rich green rolling hills
And deep mysterious valleys.
My body is a wave
Undulating in the distant sea
My body is the full moon pulling at the tides.
My body dances and ripples
Like breeze across sparkling water.
My body moves
Like a snake across the desert,
Like a dancer dreaming of warm caresses.
My body is wild and untamed
Dark undergrowth and tumbling waters.
My body is soft as a dragonfly’s wing
My body sings to the ancient ocean
Of deep sex and tender longings.
My body is pulling, receptive, fertile,
Innocent, angry, wanting, needing,
Healing, expansive, sacred.
My body is Goddess,
I am my body,
My body is me…..
Jacqueline Woodward-Smith (2003)


Dancing stars
Turn around…

Where are you?
A distant star I cannot see

A single breath
Entices me to forget
Dances my veins
As milky way
Web of life

Forever radiant potential
Shines on

Sometimes it’s just not
Where I was looking!

Maya Gayle 2015

Yurt floor painting

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