Living the 5 Elements – Path to Wholeness Yoga Retreat

 5th – 10th May 2019, Casería del Mercado, Cástaras,

Las Alpujarras, Spain

 5 day yoga retreat to energise and harmonise.

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The 5 elements, fire, earth, air, water and space, will guide us on a journey of healing and balancing, releasing
emotional and physical blockages, supporting energy to flow easily and freely in body and mind.

Daily practise of asana, meditation, and pranayama will lead you towards a deeper sense of soulful connection
with the whole.  Each day will focus on a different element, drawing forth its energy and qualities, each one leading
to the next in a cycle of support and growth.

Mornings include a dynamic Yang yoga practise to energise and wake up body and mind, each afternoon a
relaxing Yin practise draws us inwards and grounds the energy raised by the days activities. 

In between yoga practises there will be meditations and workshops related to each element, and plentiful time for
walking, stillness, peace and rest in beautiful nature.

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Venue :  Cortijo Casería del Mercado is an organic farm in rural Southern Spain, their passion is to honour nature,
ecology and tradition.  Regularly hosting acrobatic events this is a space that encourages you to let your spirit fly with nature!

Fully organic, biodynamic farming is practised and in addition to the huge array of fruit and vegetables grown on
site the farm cares lovingly for goats, chickens and peacocks.

A beautiful retreat centre with traditional Spanish accommodation, simple and comfortable with a nourishing
family vibe, refreshing natural mineral water swimming pool, indoor and outdoor yoga studios with spectacular mountain views.


Teachers :  Felix and Maya are experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers continually learning and
deepening their practise of yoga and living the 5 elements.

Testimonials: “Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Alpujarras Maya and Felix will guide you
on a journey of personal growth, strength and reflection.  Teaching you to work in harmony with
the elements and the breath.  I have never felt so at peace with myself.  I know I cannot retreat forever,
but by bringing home this philosophy and practice I feel I am in a strong place to slowly change my world for the better. 

Thank you both for your unconditional love and nurturing, sharing your spirits with us.”
Sarah, Armonia Retreat, Lanjaron, 2015.

“Five days of real joy when I experienced a new way to be and to live in the world. Thank you”
Jennifer, Armonia Retreat, Lanjaron, 2016

“If you want to quieten your busy head and exercise your body in beautiful mountain scenery
with birdsong all around – come to this retreat! You will go back feeling energised and healthy.” –
Gail, Armonia Retreat, Lanjaron, 2018

“Yoga with Maya and Felix has been such a great exploration of body and mind. 
I feel like a calmness has washed over me this week which I can take back to my daily life. 
This retreat has taught me the importance of Time: this is the time to take for yourself and
come away refreshed.  Can’t wait for the next one, my heart is definitely smiling.”
Alex, Armonia Retreat, Lanjaron, 2015

“Maya and Felix are extremely caring, compassionate people who have a bit of magic in them.
Spending time with them feels special and nourishing and I hope to come back again and again
for retreat with them.” – Fleur, Armonia Retreat, Lanjaron, 2018

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Not included:

* Buses or taxi transfers available for approximately 20 to 60€ per person each way – we will arrange
the most cost effective transfers for you.

Optional affordable activities are available to book during your retreat to nurture your yoga and
deepen your rhythm with nature:  Shiatsu Massage, Weleda Facials, Horse Riding.

How to book and costs:

Book now! For 15% Early bird discount available until January 1st 2019

Private room – €750 (€637.50 Early bird price)

Shared room – €650 (€552.50 Early bird price)

Camping – €550 (€467.50 Early bird price)

Paypal or Bacs payments are accepted, for financial ease and flow you can arrange to
pay in steady instalments.

Full payment is due by 5th April 2019, please be aware that your deposit of 200€ is non refundable.  

Full payment is non refundable 4 weeks before the start of your retreat.

Click the Paypal link below to pay your deposit – you will be given further instructions to make
the final payment once you are booked.


Contact Maya to discuss a personalised payment plan or to pay by BACS.

Travel Insurance:

You must have full travel insurance. Please provide us with your Travel Insurance Cover details in case of an emergency.

Your travel insurance should cover you for cancellation, sickness, losses and all the usual risks.

Contact Email :

Do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions about the retreat.