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Inner Smile Holistic Care - Yoga & Massage - Swindon & Bristol, UK.

Friends & Links

Core links:
Bristol City Yoga, Bishopston, Bristol- A fabulous yoga studio in Central Bristol
Swara Yoga School- Elemental Yoga teachings
Sofia's wonderful Food Blog  - Integrating food, spirit and inspiration
Nickie : Partner Yoga- partner yoga co-teacher
Asan- my amazing Kalaripayattu teacher in Kerela, India
Frances of SYMC - weekly classes, woman-centred practice and retreats
Bindu of SYMC – events & classes
George Dellar – Acupuncture & Nutritional advice
Suzanne Yates -  Professional Pregnancy massage training

Inspirational friends:
Eliza Kenyon: Heart Song tuition & groups
Jamie Catto: unleash creativity
Joanna Macy: the work that reconnects
Bernadette Ryder: medicine dance Bristol
Polly: My patient voice coach
Morven: Bristol podcast yoga & more
Uma: Womb Yoga workshopslotus
Marinella: wonderful massage & pregnancy massage Bristol
Raziya: lovely Yoga retreats Swindon
Keef Miles: Yoga Dance 
Acro Yoga workshops
Amber : Amber Rose Yoga - co partnr for partner yoga
Nicola King: stunning murals & henna
Shambala: Yoga with Maya

Vick Finch : Websites, yoga and Portugal Reatreat

Lyrics I love:
Holly Mcnich "Push Kick"doula

Growing family support:
Lower Shaw Farm - Swindon
Tobias Robins: Photography
Rebecca Bates: Doula Services
Aeddon: Bristol family support
Tori: pre & post natal classes
Gail Harker: pregnancy yoga – click to email for more details- website coming soon…


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